5 Ways to Surpass Your Year-End Fundraising Goals with Hatch

Hello Hatch Community,
Year-end fundraising manifests in various forms for nonprofits, spanning email campaigns, direct mailings, crowdfunding, and major gift solicitations. This intensified period presents an opportunity to partake in what many estimate to be over 25% of all annual giving. 
To assist you, we’ve identified five super practical ways that Hatch, equipped with our data enrichment capabilities, can elevate your efforts and enhance your results:

Find Influences for Giving Tuesday and Beyond
While Giving Tuesday has rapidly become a day of unique fundraising opportunities, it’s yet to gain the awareness and momentum of a true “Black Friday” phenomenon. However, If your organization has found success in “riding the hashtag,” Hatch can further leverage this by identifying and ranking the most influential people in your database with our proprietary ‘Social Influence Score.’ This score, ranging from 1 to 100, helps you identify individuals with robust followings who can give your campaign the viral boost it deserves.

New Phone Numbers for Your Calling Center
Calling centers remain a significant opportunity for nonprofits to bring in donations. However, volunteers often get stuck with old phone numbers or, worse, landlines in an age where many only use cell phones. Hatch provides new phone numbers for the majority of your community members, allowing you to enhance your calling center success.

Team Leaders for Your Crowdfunding Campaigns
Effective crowdfunding campaigns today rely on team leaders truly tailored for the job. These individuals usually have a strong network, are outgoing, and may have some mid-level giving capacity themselves. With a few easy clicks, you can use Hatch to identify people who fit your specific criteria. One organization used Hatch to find all the CEOs in their database, creating a list and identifying over a dozen new campaign leaders from those prospects.

P2P Campaign Fundraisers
Whether you’re running a year-end marathon, bike-a-thon, or eat-a-thon P2P campaign, Hatch offers multiple ways to identify participants based on their skills, interests, job titles, or lifestyle preferences. As an example, with just three simple clicks, you can segment a list for your upcoming bikethon, filtering for people skilled or interested in cycling/biking, working for a sports company, or self-proclaimed athletes.

Personal Communication with “Sir Hatch”
Casting a wide net for your year-end fundraising is crucial, but nothing compensates for good old one-on-one communication. Our personal content creation AI assistant, “Sir Hatch,” uses all the new data you have on your members to craft the most effective, personalized, and streamlined communication letters you’ve ever seen. We guarantee it—all in 60 seconds or less. You have to see it to believe it.

And here’s the best part:
Any organization that signs up with Hatch before Dec 15th gets a whopping 30% off their first full-year subscription. No limitations apply. Sign up here today!


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