Altruistic Interview by the world’s most curious mind: Martin Zilberman

"Clients Are People Too" - Martin Zilberman

Subject: Martin Zilberman

Position: Client Success Manager at Hatch

What is a Client Success Manager?

Someone who manages the success of a client.

I guess smart questions get smart answers… for real, how do you manage a client’s success?

Clients are people. Like people, every client is different. Also like people, every single client wants the same thing: to be happy, to access more value, and to make a greater impact on society. My job is to help them get to that place by understanding their specific needs. And the needs of the organization they represent.

How do you do that?

With two great gifts that live on the right and left sides of my head. 

You mean your ears?

My, you are a sharp sir. My job, simply put, is to listen. I listen to a client’s challenges, to their aspirations, to what they say and also what they don’t. Listening is more than hearing. Hearing is tonal. Listening is comprehensive, empathizing with the client and understanding exactly what will make them happy and successful.

Do you ever tell your client’s no?

Of course. If something is bad for my client, it would be negligent on my part to give it to them. If, for instance, a client needs to get from North America to Asia ASAP flying first class, I will tell them, “No! Absolutely not! You need a Gulfstream G800!”

What keeps Martin Zilberman up at night?

I stay up at night thinking of ways to make my clients happy.

What makes Martin Zilberman happy?

This interview. Especially the fact that it’s coming to a close.


Sir Hatch

If you were to meet Sir Hatch at a hotel bar or on an international flight you would encounter a highly skilled conversationalist with the adroit ability to crunch complex ideas into enjoyable digestifs. As your encounter deepens, you will see a lover of humans and machines, one who knows that the latter was created for the former, not the other way around. Sir Hatch uses long words at times, but only when there is no shorter one. He may tech, but he will never technobabble. Sir Hatch is a regular guy with a spectacular vision, which of course is way better than a spectacular guy with a regular vision. After meeting Sir Hatch you feel yourself aspiring to fulfill that spectacular vision. Not because Sir Hatch sold you on it, but because you realized that you were sold from birth.

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