Mind Your Business Podcast Features Hatch CEO

Moshe Hecht joined Yitzchok Saftlas on the Mind Your Business podcast

This week, Hatch’s CEO Moshe Hecht appeared on the Mind Your Business podcast to discuss the gift of data and its transformative power for nonprofit fundraising.  You can watch the podcast below or listen to it from wherever you get your podcasts. 

Moshe and Mind Your Business’ host, Yitzchok Saftlas, began by discussing Moshe’s work as CIO of Charidy. While at Charidy, Moshe saw that nine times out of ten, nonprofits admitted to lacking the resources to properly investigate the donors they had in their database. Moshe recognized the need that was developing and created Hatch, a platform that enables non profits to see the critical role data plays in understanding donors, down to their lifestyles and preferences, along with 80 other data points that Hatch collects. This promotes deeper donor engagement, and allows fundraisers to secure more major gifts and grow peer to peer campaign participation. 

Hatch’s innovative platform, fueled by over $5 million in venture funding, and developed with sophisticated technology, addresses the challenges of the modern nonprofit head-on. By offering real-time insights and “complete human profiles” of every donor, Hatch empowers organizations to make informed decisions swiftly. Whether your nonprofit is looking for runners for their charity marathon, or wine connoisseurs for a wine tasting event, Hatch makes finding the perfect donors simple and effortless. 

As fundraising evolves, Hatch stands out as a valuable tool, providing the gift of data to propel organizations toward greater success in their philanthropic endeavors.


Sir Hatch

If you were to meet Sir Hatch at a hotel bar or on an international flight you would encounter a highly skilled conversationalist with the adroit ability to crunch complex ideas into enjoyable digestifs. As your encounter deepens, you will see a lover of humans and machines, one who knows that the latter was created for the former, not the other way around. Sir Hatch uses long words at times, but only when there is no shorter one. He may tech, but he will never technobabble. Sir Hatch is a regular guy with a spectacular vision, which of course is way better than a spectacular guy with a regular vision. After meeting Sir Hatch you feel yourself aspiring to fulfill that spectacular vision. Not because Sir Hatch sold you on it, but because you realized that you were sold from birth.

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