How To Never Lose Another Donor Again: Using Data and AI to Supercharge P2P and Crowdfunding Campaigns.

A Philanthropy Masterminds Podcast with Moshe Hecht

What’s a $100 donor worth to you?

Do you stress over losing one? If not, consider this…

Losing a $100 donor isn’t just about the immediate loss of one donation—it’s about the compound lifetime impact you’re letting slip away.

Moshe Hecht has worked with over 8,000 nonprofits all over the world, helping them raise over $3 billion through online crowdfunding. One thing he’s learned? Short, intense campaigns drive urgency and larger sums. They also bring in hundreds of fresh, new donors, who aren’t directly connected to your organization. 

These are prime candidates for cultivation, however, many nonprofits fail to capitalize on them.

The result? 

You’re not just losing out on future donations, you’re sacrificing the broader support that comes from fully engaged, loyal donors.

So how do we turn this around? 

How do we show every donor that they matter? 

The answer lies in leveraging AI and your own data. 

Imagine knowing a donor’s love for biking, running, or swimming, and using THAT information to enhance your engagement. 

This kind of personalized outreach isn’t just effective. It’s transformational.

So let’s ask you…Are you ready to never lose another donor again? 

If so, then check out Hatch CEO Moshe Hecht’s appearance on the Philanthropy Masterminds podcast. Hosted by Jay Frost of Donorsearch, this episode will help you discover how to use data and AI to boost donor retention, so that every supporter feels valued and connected to your cause.


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