New Features! [V.2.5. Release Notes]

At Hatch, we live by a saying: “If all the products and features we plan to implement were a marathon, we’d be at mile one.” Well, that saying has evolved, and now we’re proudly at mile two! With that in mind, we are thrilled to announce some exciting new features that have been added to Hatch. So, let’s dive right in and discover what’s in store for you!

Public API Integration
Seamlessly integrate Hatch with your CRM, email service, and more using our brand-new API. Enjoy improved workflow, and enhanced connectivity with external platforms.

Tagging Capability
With our new tagging feature, you can now label and organize your donors based on your own custom categories. Easily filter and identify specific groups of donors, enhancing your targeted engagement. 

New Filters
You can now filter donors based on the current or past company they work fortags, and chapters they belong to.

Enhanced Number of Seats
For an additional $10 a month per seat, you can grant access to an unlimited number of users, enabling smoother collaboration and maximizing your team’s efficiency. 

Editable Accuracy Scores
You now have the power to upgrade or downgrade the accuracy of the information shown for each donor. Customize the level of confidence in the enriched data to ensure reliable decision-making.

Verified Contact Details
To further enhance the reliability of our enriched profiles, we have introduced verified contact details. Donors with verified and confirmed phone numbers and email addresses will now be distinguished by a distinctive blue badge.

Notes Tagging
Here comes enhanced collaboration! You can now tag your colleagues in the notes section. When tagged, they will recieve an email and notification on the platform. Working together as a team has never been easier!

New Toolbox
You’ll now see a gorgeous new toolbar at the bottom of every profile page. From there you have direct access to Sir Hatch, adding notes, editing the profile, printing the profile, adding tags, and sharing.

We hope these new features empower you to better engage, and nurture your donor relationships.

Coming soon to Hatch: OpenGiving
Our upcoming release “OpenGiving” is not even a feature, it’s an entirely new product, integrated directly into your hatch platform, at no additional cost to our cohort members! With OpenGiving, you can easily access profiles of every philanthropic foundation and nonprofit in the U.S., including grants given and received, impact, people, and financials. The best part? OpenGiving will be powered by cutting-edge AI search capabilities. Stay tuned for this game-changing addition that will take your fundraising efforts to new heights.

Happy fundraising!

The Hatch Team


Sir Hatch

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