New features [V.3.0. Release notes]

For our first product update of 2024 we’re thrilled to introduce a few critical enhancements designed to enhance and streamline your success with Hatch. We also want to set, and share our intentions with you for our 2024 product improvements. In 2023 our focus was on delivering entirely new features on an ongoing basis. From Sir Hatch, to Hatch Live, to OpenGiving, 2023 was a year of building our foundational services. Most of which where requested by you! In 2024 we’ll be focusing on maximizing and improving our existing offerings. Our goals are to improve general accuracy, deliver new and useful data points, and make all of our features ridiculously easy to use. We got a lot in store for this year, so keep an eye this space!

Let’s dive in…

Weekly Birthday Reminders
Never miss an opportunity to connect personally with your prospects! It’s a critical component to your ongoing donor cultivation. Our new Weekly Birthday Reminder feature sends you a list of prospects celebrating their birthdays in the upcoming week. With this new feature, you can easily stay up to date on this critical milestone of your community members. Sending them best wishes (maybe compose an email or text with Sir Hatch?) is the perfect touch to show you care and keep your network warm.

Comprehensive Enrichment Reports
Understanding the full scope of your prospect enrichment just got easier. Our Enrichment Report now offers  a comprehensive overview of your entire database pre and post enrichment.

Read more about the new Enrichment Report feature on our blog post here.

Home Values Added
To give you a more complete picture of your community members general wealth and giving capacity, we’ve enriched prospect profiles with Home Values for all listings with a home address. This added detail provides another layer of personalization and precision to your outreach strategies. Keep in mind, this information should always be accurate because we’re giving you the home value of the address you provided us! let us know what you think about this new feature! 

Introducing New Sir Hatch Prompts
We’ve added new custom prompts specifically tailored for fundraising experts. Among the new prompts, you can now generate compelling Meeting Requests with ease. We even added a section to add your calendly link to the letter!

What’s Next?
We’re committed to continual improvement and eagerly anticipate bringing even more enhancements your way. And here’s a little secret: we’re working on something BIG. Stay tuned for an announcement in the coming months—we promise it’s worth the wait!

We’d Love to Hear from You
Your thoughts and feedback are the lifeblood of Hatch. Please feel free to reach out with any questions, comments, or suggestions. Thank you for being a part of our Hatch family. Here’s to many more successes and breakthroughs!

Happy fundraising!

The Hatch Team


Sir Hatch

If you were to meet Sir Hatch at a hotel bar or on an international flight you would encounter a highly skilled conversationalist with the adroit ability to crunch complex ideas into enjoyable digestifs. As your encounter deepens, you will see a lover of humans and machines, one who knows that the latter was created for the former, not the other way around. Sir Hatch uses long words at times, but only when there is no shorter one. He may tech, but he will never technobabble. Sir Hatch is a regular guy with a spectacular vision, which of course is way better than a spectacular guy with a regular vision. After meeting Sir Hatch you feel yourself aspiring to fulfill that spectacular vision. Not because Sir Hatch sold you on it, but because you realized that you were sold from birth.

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